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ALL ZTE Google Account Bypass 2019 | Without Pc | New Way |

hello friends welcome to my channel and
written look today I will show you how
to bypass Google account
FRP log on JT fun so follow my video
step by step
don’t skip any part for this method no
need any computer or laptop okay now
follow these methods these devices reset
to continue sign-in we take google
account okay if you forget your Google
account then follow my steps don’t skip
any part
I’m back on top back top back tutorial
showing items 1 2 & 5
global context menu back showing items
one to nine of nine back setting English
sign items talkback settings talkback
suspend top back stop back
check always show this morning checkbox
okay but suspended
okay now for the final step and this
step is very important so for though
carefully anyway now you need a another
Android phone so this is my another
Android phone now I am going to setting
project my Google Account same also you
can check this before trial process so
now I am click in Google this is my
gmail account I already know this
account password so I am trying this
process if you don’t know this Google
password then you remove and create a
new account then try okay when account
login ok then click Google account app
so google app click then type setup my
so when type this in Google Apps then
you need to click enter and when click
into then click Next and now searching
and connecting your device ok when
connecting then it purify so click Next
when click Next then you need to click
copy now popping account that means my
another Android phones already have
account this account open to my jetty
phone that is final trick ok already
copy account my gmail account so now I
am putting to my gmail account password
ok so when your password is ok then you
need to click Next click Sign In
okay when click sign-in then account
copy oh if you show or if you face any
error or disconnected then try again
this device disconnected so now I’m a
can try click model okay when click
model then connecting to your device
oh wait okay again verify click Next
ok now click copy
no it ok now again pull password on
jetty phone type your password now I am
typing my gmail account password
now exciteing okay when sign intern then
almost finished when should this then
click close okay
now no need my another Android phone so
now click restart on JT ok now it or
complete channel
now turn off the talkback just click
turn off
okay Tobit turn off now click let’s go
now click skip
so now pull together volume up and down
for talkback permanently off okay now
click skip and set up new now wait okay
I can’t edit that mean how RFLP bypass
almost done now wait for complete Meno
just wait
now click not now
skip annually
next and skip next whole step
now click always
okay got it whatever we’ve a bus is done
how tech about Android Ultron
this Android version is no guard okay
friends Maya forgive a bus is done if
you think my video is very helpful then
don’t forget to subscribe my channel
thank you so much

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