Bypass FRP Honor 6C Pro – Remove FRP Android 7.0 Nougat

hello guys today I show you how to bypass any Honor 6C Pro without PC without topic setting now I will show you an exclusive method for frp unlock so for this method follow my steps step-by-step now I am going to setting.
1.first of all you need to insert a SIM card with sim card number you know so this is my another sim card I already connected then Network come also I will connected Wi-Fi then net another phone
2.process I’ll show you now I’m trying to SMS in this form you need to use this oh she’s a mess
this special SMS service to you can write us a verbal oh so well found this apk you can download from here
FRP click here and click download this app again you can download from here and don’t skip any part
this yep click here also click here and type YouTube website now put our YouTube website link then type number which number SIM card is already insert .
and type here for SMS in this phone now.
now click here click ok then open YouTube okay now click this icon login icon and go Trump’s and policy clickinternet you can also click chrome click Samsung internet so clicking something Internet ok then click cancel and typehere in this website.
click go okay and then go here all of our peopie percept if you download scroll down and download this epic a FX long so FX long certificate click and then download this apk download it start.
now click bookmarks click cancel history download history wait for download complete ok when download is complete then click install package installer click OK click setting and turn on unknown source ok
and then click to install now click open okay.
need to go setting scroll down and go lock screen and security scroll down go under security setting now click device administrators and on Marty’s negative okay now go back okay now go ahead now click three dot icon click show system apps okay now scroll down okay now click Google Account Manager.
now click disable now click back
now again block invisible Google Play
service click disable ok now go back go
back and open any browser chrome or
others no problem now I’m clicking
chrome click accept
now you need to one apk for install so
first of all the download now go this
website go scroll down now download this
epic a all there series of articles
defecate all gel series about the tools
apk so download this apk click continue
click allow click OK
now click here and go downloads
downloading start
whiteford complete
okay download okay click open or click
here now I am clicking for install now
click setting and turn on unknown source
click OK
now click Next and install now
installing in process right few seconds
for installing ok install ok then click
down and down now I can go back and go
again setting and click cloud and
account click account and account and
click Google
okay now you can put here in a gmail
account with Gmail account nativist what
do you know so now I am putting my gmail
okay this is my gmail account then click
go and now put her password for password
okay now click Next click agree occupy
now show this when so this that means
your logging is of care
again go apps and scroll down again apps
then click disable also click here show
system apps that means which CEPS is
disables right now click disable to
click enable up here then again enable
this ok now go back
now restart form
click restart
wait for complete on
okay went ran on then click start
and then click Next
and click Next again
now wait few time
okay account edit that means over by
first process is done click Next
okay now clicked on crystals not now
scroll down and skip skip now click finish okay little later now bypass is done
so where’s our finally FRP wipers is done.

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