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Bypass FRP ZTE Z835 Android 7 Without PC [Latest 2019 Method FREE]

  • Display 5.0″ 480 x 854 pixels.
  • Camera 5 MP / 2 MP front.
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 210, Quad-core, 1100 MHz.
  • Memory.
  • Storage 8 GB + microSDHC.
  • Battery 2070 mAh.


-Long tap with your 2 fingers on screen for at least 1-2 minute, keep tapping on screen until you see popup window of “Talkback Tutorial”.

-Draw “L” by swiping down to right, after drawing L, you will see another popup window of “Global Context Menu”.

-Double tap on ” Talkback Settings”.

-Long press both volume keys until you see popup window of “Suspend Talkback”, and then double tap on “OK”.

-Perfect, now we have turned off talkback feature.

-Go down and tap on “Help & Feedback”.

-Tap on “Get Started With Voice Access”.

-Tap on “Youtube Video” and wait few seconds until you see “Youtube Title”.

-Now tap on Youtube video title “Get Started with voice access”.

Note: If yo use update popup window, just tap on “Not Now”.

-You will be taken to the YouTube Official Website.

-Drag down the YouTube video, and then tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & select “Settings”.

-After that, tap on “About”, and then tap on “Google Privacy Policy”.

-After tapping on “Google Privacy Policy”, you will see a popup window bottom of your screen, just select “Browser” to open with.

-Perfect, we have accessed to browser to Bypass FRP ZTE Z835.

Download FRP Tools to Bypass FRP ZTE Z835:

-Type in search box “Download FRP Tools“.

-Go to first search result same as shown in below image.

-Go down & download from below

Alright, so it looks like that you are looking for the QuickShortcutMaker Latest Version. Well, there is no denying the fact that the Quick Shortcut Maker is one of the most useful android apps out there. You might be someone who is following a tutorial in which you need to create a shortcut for an app’s particular task. And nothing is better than the Quick Shortcut Maker App for this job.

Now, some of you might not actually know What is Quick Shortcut Maker and how it works. It’s just that you read somewhere in a guide, “Download Quick Shortcut Maker on your Android Device”. Well, that’s completely fine. We would be covering almost everything you ever need to know about the Quick Shortcut Maker app in this post. Now, if that sounds interesting, let us top into it.

Download QuickShortcutMaker Latest Version 2.4.0 – APK Download

Now, before we get straight to Download QuickShortcutMaker Latest Version 2.4.0 – APK Download, let us take a look at What Quick Shortcut Maker app really is, should we?

What is Quick Shortcut Maker?

The Quick Shortcut Maker app is a free Android App which lets you create shortcuts on your Android’s home screen. But, why would I even need to create an App Shortcut on my Android Device when I can simply open the app, you might ask. Well, it is not as simple as it sounds. We never told you that you would be creating shortcuts for apps with this app (though you can do that as well).

But the main reason why a lot of people use the Quick Shortcut Maker app is to create shortcuts for “processes” or “activities” of a particular app. This would help you to perform a particular activity of an app almost instantly. All you gonna wanna do is simply tap on the Shortcut you just created with the help of this amazing free app. Now, if you are someone who has enough patience and is not in a hurry, then also you might need this app.

-Wait until downloading finish of both apk apps.

-Once downloading finish, tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & select “Downloads” to access to download folder.

Install Quick Shortcut Maker App:

-Tap on “quick shortcut maker” app.

-After that, you will see a popup window, just tap on “Settings” from that popup and then enable the option of “Unknown Sources”.

-Tap on “Back Key” to go back to download folder.

-Now tap on “Quick Shortcut Maker” app, and then tap on “Install”, once installation finish, just tap on “OPEN”.

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